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Beginners Piano Lessons - Jackie Clark MusicClick Image To Visit SitePiano lessons that suit all age groups, from 5 years of age to 75 years of age. Age is no problem when learning piano, with lessons that are short, fun, easy to follow and of the highest quality.

Complete piano courses, teach students from absolute beginner to intermediate level. Students can learn With Music Without Music Specific styles of playing Or everything can be taken advantage of.

Short courses and individual lessons ensure the little things are never forgotten. High quality HD video lessons ensure everything is crisp and available.

Membership allows you to learn with both methods. Which one you choose can, if you wish, be guided by Jackie who is always available to support you. Whichever method you choose you can change at any time. Membership is all about choice. The sole aim is to get you playing piano in the way you to learn.

An ever-growing catalog of lessons, covers almost everything you will ever need to play piano. As your ability quickly grows the lessons you take increase in complexity. There is no need for you to solve a puzzle by piecing together lessons from different places in different styles. Consistent styles of lesson will make sure you learn quickly, Advice and assistance will ensure you always have everything you need, in one place.

Regular assessments of your playing is a normal feature of membership, if you wish (optional.) You are never left wondering if your playing is good enough or if you are developing bad habits. Your assessment will include advice as to what you should do to improve your piano playing.

Private social media is available to all members. Here you can discuss any aspects of learning piano, with students of piano, just like you.

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