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Guitar On the Spot – Frustrated With The Guitar? This secret might help

Guitar On the Spot - Frustrated With The Guitar? This secret might helpClick Image To Visit SiteI did too until I discovered this one simple secret. Once you know it playing the guitar will be instantly fun and easy, even if you’ve never played guitar before.

The secret is knowing the key concept. Once you know it you’ll realize that you just use a simple code to play the guitar.
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Learn Guitar Lessons Guide-Online Guitar Lessons-Free Video Guitar Lessons

Learn Guitar Lessons Guide-Online Guitar Lessons-Free Video Guitar LessonsClick Image To Visit SiteGuitar Lessons Home Acoustic Guitar Lessons Guitar Intermediate Lessons Guitar Advanced Lessons Blues Guitar Lesssons Bass Guitar Lessons Lead Guitar & Scales Free Guitar Lessons Guitar Chords Lessons E-book

Hello guitar enthusiast! My name is Peter Stephen Pentelbury. My 30 odd years of playing guitar and giving guitar lessons has finally culminate into-Learn Guitar Lessons Guide by “” with over 200 guitar lessons. They include Free Online Guitar Video Lessons. Pentelbury’s educational guitar tuition offers beginner guitar lessons, acoustic guitar lessons, electric guitar lessons, blues lessons, finger picking exercises and more. Printable guitar chords lessons and music songs. Learn how to play your favorite music songs.
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Guitar Lessons For Kids – Guitar Books, Online Lessons & TeacherCopy, Play & Learn

Guitar Lessons For Kids - Guitar Books, Online Lessons & TeacherCopy, Play & LearnClick Image To Visit SiteI have so much confidence in Copy, Play and Learn Guitar, that if you don’t think that it is the best learn to play guitar system for kids you’ve ever used, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund!

My son, Phoenix has been learning guitar using “Copy, Play and Learn” for the past six months. He’s learned so much in such a short period of time and has a great time as well! I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn music properly whilst having fun.
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Classical guitar sheet music – downloadable scores

Classical guitar sheet music - downloadable scoresClick Image To Visit SiteThis is the homepage of Richard Miles Jackman Classical Guitarist, Composer & On-line Music Publisher Mailing address: Schönleinstrasse 7, 97080 Würzburg, Germany, Tel: (49) 931 14572

Forty Easy Christmas Carol Arrangements for Classical Guitar
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„Free video: Learn how to play piano with chords.“ –

„Free video: Learn how to play piano with chords.“ - chordpiano-workshop.comClick Image To Visit SitePart I, yellow, 64 Pages: Introduction, Basics, such as rhythm, Playing motifs, Intervals, Key Signatures.

Part III, green, 74 Pages: Chord progressions, Blues progressions, Rhythm patterns, Songs, Insider tricks.
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Avoid a Winter Workout Rut


Winter is coming, Winter is here. If you ever watched GOT you must have heard this, sorry to disappoint this write-up is about Winter workout and not game of thrones.

The days have gone shorter and the nights have gone longer, North India is gearing up for its winter delight. We wake up in dark, by the time we leave work its dark, little too early for blazers but they are out for some and Spirits have also shown their seasonal evolution. Laziness and inertia grip us like true lovers, fire grills and late hearty meals look attractive than chilly outdoors, or a morning gym. Even for the fittest ones out their winters can be great suck of energy levels to workout constantly. But identifying key triggers that stop us and planning well for the same can keep us on top of our game.

  1. Fight the challenge

It’s all in the mind; the day you decide to change and fight for good, the day will be last when you look back. Moving out of bed in chilly winters morning is just like that last squat count, last mile to finish, last second of Usain Bolt run; you got to do it for you. Exercise is the best way to beat winter blues; whether its hiking, team sports, morning runs (my favorite) or weight lifting, indulge in any activity you like. Running in winters during Fog hours has been a love of my life. No denying we currently are under pollution problems in Delhi, but the streets will see and many more winter lovers soon.

  1. Prepare yourself

You just can’t plan a sport activity or a gym routine 10 minutes after waking up. Winter mornings make us glue to our bed and it will be nothing but a failure if we spend early hours contemplating on routine rather than gearing up for it. Right clothing’s is a must need for winters. Go for a Medium Budgeted attire that protects you from the cold and even doesn’t make you shed big. It’s a little too late for this season buy as prices are sky rocketing, pack your next winter season stuff coming summers.

  1. Set a Goal

What’s the point shooting if you don’t have an aim in mind. Winters are a good bulking season and the right time to craft your summer ready body. If you miss these crucial months, you will be in mid-summers by the time you get ready to show off your chiseled core.

  1. Check your diet

This one applies all-round the year, but the thing is winters is it makes us stay indoors more than needed. But as rightly put forward by fitness trainers round the world “you can’t out-train a bad diet”. In a sedentary lifestyle beer cans are more likely to overpower your will over a salad. The good thing about an active regime is it keeps you conscious of what you eat all round the day.

  1. It’s not only about running and cycling

While in summers we indulge in outdoor activities, winters is a season of indoor activities if outdoor cycling and running is not appealing. Yoga, Dance, Squash, Circuit, badminton; there is a lot and lot of stuff to do much better than spending the evening crashing glasses daily.

  1. Reward

While the debates are ongoing regarding the reward-exercise question, but personally I feel I have earned it. At the core the workout should feel like a pleasure activity and not a punishment of sorts. If the food is motivating enough for you to hit the regime, in the end it will all come in handy.

Stay Raw-Stay Unshakable
Happy Karma!!!

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